About The Company

Deadbeat is a Street wear clothing brand with casual yet stylish options for everyday life in our comfort zones. Deadbeat offers a range of clothing for the laid back, pragmatic individuals working, studying, or just surviving to look stylish and have some semblance of normalcy. For many of us working from Home or studying from home have become the new normal and the shift in lifestyles requiring appropriate changes to our wardrobes too.

Deadbeat offers a range of clothing

As introverts many rejoiced the isolation and as extroverts people kept in touch through technology and sulking in rags for long just wasn’t the answer for the millennial and we are here to service every creative hustler out there.

We stand for sustainability in action.

Deadbeat aims to deliver comfortable, fashionable, sustainable, and not yet frumpy. Deadbeat focuses on the smallest details like providing minute details for best fitting, fabric’s durability and lightweight. The clothing range is modern and unique which won’t require you to change when hopping out for your Home dates or grocery sho pping promising comfort and ease.


Our products manufacturing and lining is line with sustainability and towards empowering and supporting each and every one. Every product delivered goes through multiple quality checks.